The effects of stress on our lives, be it short term or long term, can have a significant impact on our health. Stress is well known to affect our immune system, ability to sleep, our mood and anxiety levels, muscle tone and our ability to function generally.

The many problems that arise due to prolonged stress can also make us vulnerable to a wide rang of diseases, affecting our well being and ability to cope. High blood pressure, migraine and even arthritis can be linked to stress.

Many of our deep seated emotional issues can cause the body to become chronically tense and create ‘muscle armour’ which locks our emotions into the body.

Doctors have little time or the know-how to address these many problems related to stress but as a Naturopathic practitioner I have used many deep relaxation techniques as well as other stress management methods to help people overcome the effects of stress and help people return to a more balanced healthier way of life.