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Our wellbeing largely depends on the food we eat. Many people neglect this part of their life style despite being particular about the food they give to their pets or the type of powder they put in the washing machine and fuel in their car.

However it stands to reason that the better the quality of food we put into our body the better the performance we get from it. This includes the body’s ability to heal, its immune system, and its level of general vitality. The nutritional aspect of our lives often holds the key to our wellbeing.

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The Pracitioner

At Golding Hill Natural Therapies, the practitioner will help you to look carefully at your diet and aim to prescribe the best nutrition to help your body heal and maintain a high level of well-being.

Mind and Emotions

Physical Fitness


During your visit to the clinic we take a full case history and ask questions about your diet and lifestyle. You may be asked to bring a record of what you have eaten over the period of a week and also to bring with you any supplements and/or medicines that you are taking. Based on the information you provide and the condition you are suffering, advice will be offered to help maximise your chances of recovery and achieving you optimum level of health.

It is helpful to remember that Nutrition is one of the main aspects of the naturopathic healing triad which together with the role of the mind and physical fitness help maintain our well-being.