About Jonathan Shaw

Registered Osteopath and Naturopath

Jonathan Shaw D.O.  N.D. M.R.N  GOSC is a registered Osteopath and Naturopath and has been in practice for 40 years. He graduated from the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy. Jonathan established Goldings Hill Clinic 25 years ago and remains the director of the Clinic. He also lectures in Nutrition and Natural therapies at the college of Osteopathic medicine and is a guest lecturer at the London school of Osteopathy.

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Jonathan believes not only in providing a professional and effective treatment approach to a wide range of health problems but also in helping people to develop a Naturopathic healthier life style that will enable them to avoid many of the illnesses that affect our everyday lives. His holistic treatments may therefore also include advise on nutrition, exercise and stress management when he feels they are relevant.

Jonathan is a Naturopathic Osteopath combining classical Osteopathic technique with a deep knowledge of nutrition, stress management and exercise in order to maximise the effects of Osteopathy and help his patients to regain a high level of health and wellbeing. Jonathan in happy to give talks to interested parties on a wide range of health related subjects from a Naturopathic and Osteopathic perspective.