GOLDINGS HILL CLINIC  relocated on 1 March 2013


We are now operating from the following Loughton location:

8-10 High Beech Road Loughton IG10 4BN


Getting here is easy.

  • The M11 (Junction 5) and M25 (Junction 26) are only 1.5 miles from Goldings Hill Natural Therapies. Parking is easily available at the Loughton High Road end of High Beech Road. The short stay car park is on the left as you enter High Beech Road.
  • The centre is well serviced by trains and buses. Loughton Tube Station is on the central line and only a 5 minute bus or taxi ride away or 10 minute walk.
  • High Beech Road is located directly opposite Marks and Spencers.

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Health Tips from Goldings Hill Clinic’s Naturopath:

Amazing research fact

A study of 1,836 Japanese Americans found those who drank 4 or more glasses of fruit of vegetable juice per week were 5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who had less than 1 glass a week.

Powerful Health Diet –

Do you wish you could: –

Improve your power of concentration and clarity of thought?

If you eat complex carbohydrates it will help you regulate your blood sugar levels, decreasing the likelihood of you getting into hypoglycaemic states where you end up feeling tired, foggy-headed, and find it difficult to concentrate.

Increase your IQ?

By increasing your intake of essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3 oils, found in flax, walnut and fish oils, you can help your brain to function at its best. Over 60% of our brains are made from these fats!

Stand the best chance of warding off infection?

Good immunity depends on a rounded balance of protein from fish, chicken, cheese, legumes, nuts and eggs plus rich supplies of vitamin C, from fresh fruit, and zinc from pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Improve your quality of sleep?

Chicken, eggs, cheese, tuna, nuts, seeds and milk help to produce melatonin which induces sleep. Include these in your daily diet to improve sleep. Bananas are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that is converted into the calming and sleep-inducing brain chemical serotonin. Eating a banana before bed can help you drift off more quickly.



Hypnotherapy in Loughton

Conditions Treated
Anxiety / Fears / Phobias
Tension / Stress / Panic Attacks
IBS / Tension Headaches / Tinnitus
Back and Neck Pain / Fibromyalgia / TMS
Low Mood Depression / Grief
Low Self Esteem / Confidence Building
Sleeping Difficulties
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders / PTSD
Relationship / Work Issues
Emotional Trauma – Hurt / Anger / Frustration / Guilt etc
Stopping Smoking

Please call the clinic on 0208 508 7514 today to book an appointment or enquire about prices.

Osteopathy In Loughton Essex

Osteopathy is now the most popular method of treatment for backpain and other joint problems.

Osteopathy is a safe and effective way of helping the body return to its optimum function.

This method of treatment is available at Goldings Hill Clinic (in Loughton Essex) on a daily basis where you can find professional, skilled and experienced help in dealing with a wide range of joint and muscle problems.


Our Range Of Therapies


We have a wide range of complimentary and alternative medicine therapies at highly competitive prices and provide a warm and healing environment for your renewed health and vitality.

When you visit the page for the therapy you are looking for, or considering, you will be given the facts you need to make the best decision in finding the right therapist for you. ?